Tips for designing perfect catalog & brochure for your business

  • All Time Create
  • January 18, 2022
Tips for designing perfect catalog & brochure for your business

Brochure Designing is easy. But designing a brochure that your customers will turn to for future reference is no easy feat. Effective brochure design is crucial in creating one with easy-to-grasp product and service information. No matter how unique the content inside is, if you can’t get someone to pick it up in the first place, it will go in vain.

To help you nail your brochure designing, below are 5 tips for making your business catalog and brochure stand out.

5 Tips for Designing Perfect Catalog and Brochure for Your Business


1. Determine Your Objective

Understanding and following the purpose of your brochure while designing it is critical. It all depends on how you want to use it. Do you want to distribute it at a prominent location or hand it to your visitors? Also, decide whether you want it to be detailed or only highlight the USPs. These factors will help you determine the purpose of your brochure and bring out the right layout to make it a success.

2. Add Inventive Inserts

Why follow conventional methods when you can do something out of the box. You are not limited to just pictures; you can showcase your products interestingly, like pop-outs. The pop-out shape gives dimension to the inside content, which would otherwise be flat. This can make your brochure or catalogs eye-catching and hook the customers to it.

3. Select the Correct Stock Paper

Usually, when you visit a print shop, they offer 70 lb or 80 lb text paper for a brochure. 70 lb is similar to what you find in a textbook and suitable if you have more than 3 folds in the brochure. Whereas 80 lb text paper is a tad more durable and holds its shape while maintaining a lightweight feel. However, if you want to go for the best and sustainable quality, 100 lb text is the right choice. It is the ideal paperweight for a high-quality look, available at a reasonable price, is sturdy and holds up well even after repeated use.

4. Creative Typography

Font and typography play a crucial role in making your brochure or catalog design attractive. Typography doesn’t have to be straight across the page like usual. You can present it in exciting angles to leave a visual impact. However, make sure to select the right font and typography styles that match your brand tone and products. Be ingenious to play with different typefaces but not to an extent where you choose too many fonts. Keep your fonts limited to maintain consistency.

5. Include Call-to-Action

Although the above elements are essential to grab your audiences’ attention, a CTA is necessary to lead the readers to an intended action. Whether you want them to buy your products, check out your website, or avail of discounts, you must include a statement that directs the customers back to you. To make your CTA eye-catching, keep sufficient white space around it, use bigger fonts or place it in the center. If you can repeat your message in several different ways, put it on each page to make it sink in. Also, you can make it compelling by making an offer and event setting a time limit on it.

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In a world inclined towards digital, print items like catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, etc., are still of great importance. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you will be able to break the old conventions and make your design stand out.

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