Is 3D Animation transforming face of the E-Commerce industry?

  • All Time Create
  • January 10, 2022
Is 3D Animation transforming  face of the E-Commerce industry?

The e-commerce industry has grown immensely with time, and many factors have caused this growth. Among the top factors, one is 3D animation services. These have been game-changers for many businesses. 

3D animation has changed the way of displaying the products on online stores, engaging and persuading customers to make a purchase. 

One of the biggest challenges that an online seller faces is providing an in-store experience to the customers. 3D animation services like 3D modeling, product animation services, and infographic videos have made it possible.  From checking out the product from various angles, with different colors and backgrounds, to presenting how it looks in reality, 3D animation has got it covered. 

In this blog, you will read about the top 3D animation services used by many e-commerce stores worldwide, and their benefits. 

3D Animation Services Used by e-commerce Stores

1. 3D Modelling

Using 2D images on the website is standard in the e-commerce industry and lacks vibrancy, feel, and touch. Failing to provide a holistic view of the product and its features can decrease the number of customers and their interest in your brand. 

This is where 3D product modeling is beneficial. It is a technique to create photorealistic digital prototypes of objects, providing a three-dimensional visual of your product. Your customers can look at the product from various angles, change its color, texture, and even certain elements anytime, from anywhere. 3D modeling helps increase user engagement and gives a good view of the product’s essential features. Moreover, it helps promote your product before it’s ready for the market, reduces your marketing costs and SEO work for your website. 

For Example - Nike uses 3D product modeling, allowing customers to customize the shoes and visualize how they will look in reality. This makes customers spend more time on the website and increases the chances of purchasing the product.

2. 3D Rendering

3D rendering is the process of developing highly realistic digital images from a 3-dimensional computer model. Therefore, photorealistic renders are computer-generated imagery (CGI) made to look as authentic as possible. Industries that use this technology include furniture, footwear, real estate, interior design, jewelry, etc. 

3D rendering offers unlimited creative opportunities, saves money and time, and helps focus on the product. Have a look at these pictures from District at Scottsdale. In both still images, texture, light, and shadow play a big part in making these renderings feel real.

3. 3D Infographic Video

Infographic videos have become one of the most used types of marketing techniques. Up to 94% of people watch explainer videos to understand products better. Therefore, you can also add infographic videos to your e-commerce websites to increase sales. 

Wondering how? Animated infographic videos are a next-gen content type that increases the original charm of static infographics, delivering more layers of visual appeal. They have both powers to stimulate auditory and visual senses in the human brain to explain anything in a simple and understandable way. Moreover, they allow you to connect with your customers on an emotional level, engaging them, ultimately helping convert them into leads and paying customers. These can include 3D product demos, product briefing animations, animations for advertising, etc. 

For Example, watch this video by Broadcast2World for a product by Breg for better understanding. 

All Time Create for 3D Animation Services

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